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Our Background

Gabrich systems is a privately owned company opened and established in 2019 dealing in the installation of security and fire suppression systems, single phase and 3 phase hydro electric power, car shades and various fabrications, solar systems and power backups, DSTV for domestic and communal purposes.

Our services include; Surveillance Cameras (CCTVs), Electric fences, Fire alarms, Fire fighting equipment, Access Control Systems, Intruder Alarm Systems, Motion Sensors, Automatic Gate motors, Electrical works (single and 3 phase) , street lights, DSTV installations, welding services like car shades and awnings, gates and windows plus supply of construction materials

At Gabrich Systems U Ltd, we offer after sales services that include a warranty of service of 6 months with possible replacement if system failure is not out of negligence, power surges or extreme weather conditions..

We do install our systems in homes, institutions, offices, schools, banks, hotels, hospitals, streets, among others.

Our Vision

To become one of the leading innovation in the construction, power and security industry in East Africa.

Our Mission

To supply and install quality systems that reflect the value of money that clients invest hence improving security and better living.

Our Core Values


Some of our products.

					At Gabrich systems Uganda Limited we do have CCTV Cameras, Surveillance cameras
					that do monitoring, recording and storing of events. This system comes with a package of a
					Digital Video Recorder (DVR)/ Network Video Recorder (NVR) that transforms the recordings to HD visual signal stream. Particular cameras are used for specific accusation that is the system operates 24/7, In this case infrared cameras are used, and we supply and install different types of camera, like;
					<p>Speed Dome Cameras</p>
					<p>These cameras are fast speed, enclosed, self-contained and Zoom Cameras. They are mostly installed in outdoor parking, perimeter protection, town center surveillance and expressway; these cameras can pan 360 degrees continuously, tilt 180
					degrees and zoom up to 300 times. With as many as 256 preset positions, they can be
					switches from one position to another - all within 2 seconds flat. They are also programmable.</p>
					<p>Remote Surveillance</p>
					<p>This system can be controlled remotely through wireless connection (Internet) .it can be done on computer and Smart phone. The video servers have fast genuine adaptors that link surveillance system to the network. It also supports local network connectivity and wide area.</p>
					<p>Dome Cameras<p/>
					<p>Infra-Red Dome Cameras have outer metal casings and can be used for indoor and outdoor, the cameras can operate even when it is pitch dark.</p>
					<p>Bullet Cameras</p>
					Bullet cameras are built into a permanently sealed weatherproof enclosure. They can be used in both indoors and outdoors, it comes with a wall mount. D-Link bullet cameras are available in HD resolution, they can well work day and night.</p>
					<p>Spy Cameras</p>
					<p>These cameras are also known as spy cameras because they cannot be seen or known easily,
					hidden cameras are most popular for household surveillance and can hidden/built in common
					household objects such as clocks, smoke detectors photo frame and motion detectors. While it is ideal for catching the action, it does not deter crime and in some cases, may raise privacy issues. Hence it should be used only under special circumstances.</p>
					<p>Digital Video Recorder</p>
					<p>A digital video recorder (DVR)/Network Video Recorder (NVR) is an electronic device that
					records video in a digital format to a mass storage device. So that a customer can be able to view what happened in absence.</p>
					<p>CCTV Power Supply: It’s used to give power to all the cameras in a very smart and easy way</p>
<p>This is a standalone fence that consists of galvanized high tense wire an energizer with siren,
					strobe light, backup battery (that goes for 24 hours) and key pad for arming and disarming system.
<p>This one is designed to scan the whole body of the person right from the right to the left, to
									check for any dangerous item that the person may be having especially the metals
<p>Gabrich Systems promotes safety and security to protect life and property across major industries namely residential and commercial facilities, oil and gas refineries, airports and aviation, health care and education, military and police, hospitality and leisure.</p>
<p>Gabrch systems (U) Limited deals in selling and distributing of Ifrisol and Kema solar Panels. Our Solar Panels are available in every watt peak that you may need starting from 10W and above. We deal with only the best so we can give you quality, the beautiful news is that we give 25 years guarantee on our panels and they are very affordable.
<p>The fire detector system consists of smoke detectors, heat detectors, glass break switches and
				blizzers which are connected to control panels. In case of smoke, the siren/bell alerts the user by making noise, the system has got a backup battery which can work for 48 hours without power.
<p>Gabrch systems (U) Limited deals in selling and distributing of Ifrisol and Kema solarPanels. Our Solar Panels are available in every watt peak that you may need starting from 10W and above. We deal with only the best so we can give you quality, the beautiful news is that we give 25 years guarantee on our panels and they are very affordable.
<p>We do have street light that are in the range from 25 Watts and above. They are very bright and long lasting lights that you can trust. Most of them are installed in compounds, field, roads, and so many other places as needed.</p>
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Our Services

Electric Wiring

Installation of Air Condition

Installation of Automatic Gate

Installation of Car Shades

Installation of Cameras

Installation of Electric Wire

Installation of Rozar Wire

Installation of of Solar Batteries

Installation of Solar Systems

Installation of Water Heaters

Installation of Steet Light

Installation of Control Access Systems

Our Team

Gabayo Ivan

Managing director

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Mr. Kamgira Joseph


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